the enjoyment of being healthy

Elder was founded in 2010 with the idea of producing health supplement products like candies and functional gums. So the Elder proffetional experts have been producing unique compounds with effective formulas, healthy and herbal raw materials using the best technology to produce. Also, the Elder marketing team has been making a big improvement in producing people’s favorite products.

the first group of Elder products

Cold Candies

the second group of Elder products

Chewing Gum with Vitamin C

the third group of Elder products

Mouth Fresheners
(Oral Digestive Probiotic)

the fourth group of Elder products

Functional Gums

the fifth group of Elder products

Nicotine No SMOKING Gums

Elder’s mission

To help the society’s health and fulfill the consumer’s needs of effective, delightfull, health supplement products

Elder’s goals

Elder will have been being the leader of producing health supplement products including functional gums, delicious medical candies, by using the best quality standards and having the highest production capacity to export and import as a popular and admired brand for years by 1410.

The organizational beliefs and values play important roles in Elder’s leadership. As the Elder staff, we focous on the values below and consider them while communicating with the customers and try our bests to accomplish them.

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behaving well and having honesty in all tasks

learning, innovating and improving

having obligation to team work, prioritizing general profits over individual profits, making comprehensive effort in order to protect the customer and all the benefactors’ profits

hard-working, dedicating and having loyalty apart from the Elder’s significant goals

respecting all human beings; specially our colleagues and customers

having obligation to the company’s brand and promising to do the brand’s social responsibility