probiotic mouth fresheners

Elder mouth fresheners are full of vitamin C, probiotic and menthol which can keep your mouth fresh and guarantee your dental health. Elder is the first granular brand in Iran. The reason of using this technology is that combining granules with fruit powder releases both fruit’s flavors simultaneously and make you experience a delightful feeling. Elder mouth fresheners include microorganisms called probiotic, which keep a good balance between the good and bad bacterias. When you put one of the mouth fresheners in your mouth, both the fruit powders will be released. Besides, probiotics will be activated and they will travel through your digestive system and improve its function by keeping the balance between good and bad bacterias. But this is not these pills’ only benefit!

product features:

  1. including 40 mouth freshener pills that equals 15-16 gr
  2. including probiotics in order to improve digestive system
  3. full of vitamin C in order to improve immune system
  4. including menthol in order to have a dramatic effect in reducing inflammation
  5. without any fat, salt and fatty acids
  6. in 6 flavors including: mint, mango-lemon, cherry_strawberry, peach_strawberry, orange_pineapple and cinnamon

the benefits of vitamin C in Elder cold candy are:

  1. preventing skin dryness by speeding up collagen production
  2. preventing cancer by preventing oxidative stress caused by free radicals
  3. preventing cardiovascular diseases like blood pressure, heart attacks and etc. . .
  4. reduce the diseases’ treatment duration by improving the immune system
  5. preventing gum infection by improving oral health

Elder cold candies and Elder gums with vitamin C can also have the same impact as Elder mouth fresheners on your body’s health

the benefits of probiotic, used in Elder mouth fresheners

  1. helps to tolerate the sugar in some food like milk
  2. Helps reduce bowel dysfunction (Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS)
  3. reduces the duration of diarrhea due to containing antibiotics and regularizing the bacteria in the intestine
  4. prevents from getting some types of cancers and its regulatory role on cell proliferation and apoptosis
  5. reduces blood cholesterol and harmful fats in human’s body
  6. improves the digestive system’s function to digest food
  7. prevents from different infections like vaginal fungal infections and etc . .

benefits of menthol, used in Elder mouth fresheners:

  1. heals and treats skin rashes
  2. increases mental ability and improves the memory in people
  3. heals and treats herpes simplex
  4. prevents from catching colds or flues . .
  5. helps losing weight and getting in shape
  6. freshens the mouth and eliminates mouth’s harmful bacterias
  7. helps cure sicknesses like headaches and migraines


sorbitol, isomalt, xylitol, polyvinylpyrrolidone, perfect Arabic gum, citric acid, vitamin C, natural essential oil of the first fruit, granular essential oil of the second fruit, menthol active ingredient of mint, probiotic

More information:

Elder mouth freshener pills contain large amounts of vitamin C which improves your immune system against diseases like the cold or the flu. They also contain menthol which freshens your mouth and treats mouth, teeth and gum infections.
including 40 mouth freshener pills that equals 15-16 gr mint, mango-lemon, cherry-strawberry, peach-strawberry, orange-pineapple, cinnamon.
The granularity of these mouth fresheners allows you feel both fruit’s flavors at the same time exactly like the taste we taste when we drink a juice mixed of two different fruits’ flavors.
To know the benefits of Elder probiotic mouth fresheners better, you’re going to need to learn more about the benefits of vitamin C, probiotic and menthol.

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