Elder functional gums

During production process, lucrative compounds are added as harmful compounds are removed from food. Therefore, healthy food will be available to consumers. Foods that contain herbal fats and foods that are enriched with probiotics are considered as healthy food because they lower blood cholesterol.
Elder hibiscus sour tea gum

sour tea gum

Elder sour tea gum is one of Elder functional gums. In fact, the reason of calling them functional gums is that they can help cure some diseases owing to special vitamins and nutrients rather than the herb used in them.

royal jelly and ginseng gum
Elder royal jelly and ginseng gum

Elder Royal Jelly and gensing chewing gum is full of these valuable foods. In fact, you will enjoy the benefits of royall jelly and gensing at the same time.

Elder saffron gum
Elder Saffron functional gum

Functional gums contain lots of herbal extracts, vitamins and other essential supplements which are produced based on the costumers’ needs.

Elder anti-acid gum
anti-acid and gastric reflux

It is worth noting that calcium carbonate presented in anti-acid chewing gum is a mineral that is also used as a dietary supplement.