sour tea gum

Elder sour tea gum is one of Elder functional gums. In fact, the reason of calling them functional gums is that they can help cure some diseases owing to special vitamins and nutrients rather than the herb used in them.


some benefits of sour tea:

  1. It can easily lower blood pressure.
  2. It can lower blood cholesterol.
  3. Warm sour tea can help relieve damaged muscles.
  4. Hibiscus is also recommended for lowering blood sugar in diabetics.
  5. Eating hibiscus can reduce stress and avoid depression.
  6. Hibiscus suppresses one’s appetite and helps you lose weight.
  7. Hibiscus can easily help digestion.
  8. Hibiscus can treat some diseases like the cold or the flu owing to a huge amount of vitamin C it has.
  9. Hibiscus is a home remedy for constipation.
  10. Hibiscus is very useful for treating liver diseases.
  11. Hibiscus can cure depression.
  12. Hibiscus can also treat and relieve menstrual cramps.

product features:

Elder sour tea gum is with you to enjoy chewing gum while using natural benefits of sour tea in order to help your body health.

  1. It includes 12 pieces of hibiscus chewing gum.
  2. Reduces blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides with fresh and organic sour tea leaf extract.
  3. Contains antioxidant and anti-lipid compounds in the blood
  4. It supports cardiovascular health.
  5. prepared from perfect Arabic gum
  6. natural sweeteners are used


hibiscus, gum base, glycerin, Arabic gum, lecithin, sugar and flavorings

the product package includes:

12 pieces of hibiscus sour tea chewing gum

More information:

Functional gums contain lots of herbal extracts, vitamins and other essential supplements which are produced based on the costumers’ needs. In fact, functional gums deliver supplements and nutrients needed by the body to the consumer by chewing gums. It is worth mentioning that the active ingredients in Elder gums are released in just 5 minutes for an immediate effect and they are easily absorbed by your body.
Sour tea is a very useful drink that is used in traditional medicine as a healing and wonderful medicine for many heart diseases. Sour tea is red and more sour than any other drinks. It’s sour taste is because of containing vitamin C (citric acid).
Sour tea improves your immune system due to having vitamin C and helps treat diseases like the cold or the flu. Sour tea is full of antioxidants. By consuming this tea, you’ll protect your body from free radical damage, which usually leads to oxidative stress.
Most people deprive themselves of the benefits of sour tea because of the brewing of that particular type of tea. By producing and supplying sour tea gum, Elder brand makes people enjoy the properties of sour tea while enjoying chewing gum.
As stated in the articles of Elder magazine, hibiscus has many properties and benefits.

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